How to Make Money on Pinterest Amazing Tips

How to Make Money on Pinterest Amazing Tips

If you spent a lot of time on Pinterest as a user, it probably crossed your mind a few times that for all the hours you spent on the platform, it would be great to learn a way of making money on Pinterest.

First, I want to tell you how you cannot make money on Pinterest. The influencer model where you get paid for having high number of followers or impressions on your profile doesn't work on this platform. So if you've been thinking that you can do like many instagramers just boasts some pretty images, grow your following numbers and get impressions on your images and you're good to go for sponsored money.

That's it. Not gonna work on Pinterest, I often get questions from people who tell me, oh, I have a Pinterest account with 5000 pins. And I've got about a million monthly viewers on Pinterest. When will I start making money from it? And how do I do it? There is simply no marketplace, or any sponsorship platform where you can put your Pinterest account and start receiving requests from companies who want to advertise on your account. It's just not a thing on Pinterest and you have to deal with it.

When I get questions like this. I'm really amazed at how people are easily wasting their time for things that they don't understand and they don't know nothing about. So if that was you asking yourself how to make money on Pinterest, if you have no website, and you don't plan to link your pins to some affiliate offers, I'm sorry to be the bearer of the bad news. But you will make no money with your Pinterest account and you will waste your time trying to grow it. So this was how you shouldn't expect to make money on Pinterest.

 And now let's write about the ways that can actually bring you some extra income or maybe even become your full time job. The first way you can make money on Pinterest will work great for you. If you have experience in graphic design, it's making pin graphics for other people who need them to promote their websites.

 If you're a graphic designer, it will not take you much time at all to create pin images because pins usually have a pretty simple and standard design. Oftentimes, your clients will ask you to create for them, just the branded pin templates, maybe a package of 10 or 20 templates, so they can reuse them to create their own pins. It's something like my package of 20 Canva templates for example, I sell it as a digital product on my site, and this could also be an option for you.

And by the way, if you are the one who is struggling with pin design, and you want to buy my pin Canva templates. So selling pin templates, either as a digital product or with a branding for each individual client is also an option. But of course, you will earn more if your clients want you to create every single pin image for them from scratch. Even if you are not a graphic designer, but you feel like it's something you could be good at.

There are actually three or some very affordable online tools you can use for creating pins. By the way, I've seen a Pinterest management company charging up to $20 per original pin image and up to $50 for a video pin. Yes 20 and $50 per pin. It's not a monthly package. I'm not exaggerating; it's a big company in the Pinterest marketing space. So if you do a quick research, you will find their site and all the prices are there. So they can probably convince their clients to pay that much per image or per video pin. But if you as a freelancer can offer a more attractive price for a great quality of graphics, make the math and see how much you can get paid for just creating pin images and short videos.

 Now the second way is Pinterest account management. If you have some experience managing your own account on Pinterest, and if you achieved quite impressive results doing so you could start offering Pinterest management to others. Pinterest requires consistency. And not all the business owners and not all the bloggers have the time and patience to regularly create and save pins.

How do I know there is a demand for Pinterest marketing services? Well, first of all, I personally received a lot of requests from business This owners who watched my videos on YouTube who acknowledged the potential of Pinterest platform, but they just don't have the time to manage their accounts. I get so many requests that I could probably open a Pinterest Management Agency if I wanted to. I just don't see this as a business model for myself, because I'm not really into this idea of supervising a big team of people who would manage Pinterest accounts for clients.

So for the most part, I politely reject any requests from potential clients for monthly Pinterest management. But I can tell you also that if you go to a few Facebook groups for bloggers, especially if the group is not just for the very beginners, but rather for established bloggers, and just do some search inside the group for Pinterest management, or Pinterest VA keywords, you will be surprised to see how regularly new threads are created.

Were established bloggers are looking for someone to manage their Pinterest, even in my private Facebook group for students only of my opinion scores. We have this request from time to time. Some members of the program have a business or an established website, and they prefer paying someone else to manage their Pinterest, and others who are just starting a blog.

But when I'm telling you there is a lot of demand for these services, it doesn't mean that anyone and everyone will easily find clients while having zero experience and knowledge about Pinterest. Don't get me wrong if you yourself are a complete beginner on Pinterest. If you have no idea what you're doing, if you don't have a portfolio or you cannot show that you achieve some good results for at least your own account on Pinterest, then you shouldn't expect that people will trust you and pay you for your services.

The other question I also expect a lot of people will ask me is how much you could charge for these services. I can tell you that prices vary depending on what you include in the package and depend On how established you are as a Pinterest expert, and whether or not you can show your potential clients, some reviews and results of your previous clients, I seen people charge it from around $300 per month, and all the way up to $2,000 per month for managing one Pinterest account.

You can use it in two different ways on Pinterest. And the first one is for people who don't have a website and don't want to bother creating one and don't want to write content about the products that they promote. This way works for any beginners, because all you have to do is create a Pinterest board and save some beautiful images optimized for Pinterest platform linked directly to the affiliate products. I know you probably have seen many videos on YouTube that claim you can make a ton of money making direct links from beans to affiliate products. But I also noticed that a lot of the affiliate networks and websites are already blocked on Pinterest.

 So you might be trying to send traffic directly to those affiliate networks. But Pinterest will not even let you add the links to them. I hear this happening to a lot of people with links to Clickbank for example. And I also think that the least of the affiliate networks that are blocked on Pinterest is just growing over time.

 So it makes linking directly to affiliate products more and more difficult. So another way I would recommend you to use affiliate marketing with Pinterest traffic is by driving this traffic to your own verified website where you can do so reviews of all the products you promote and explain to your audience. What are the benefits of this product before you send them to the to the affiliate website.

 The next way is driving traffic from Pinterest to your own website. This one is perhaps my personal favorite way because it can help you really get to a point when your income becomes more or less passive and you're not trading your time for money. It takes more time. Of course, you won't be paid from the very first month. If you drive traffic to a new website. You will need to learn all about the ways of monetizing your free Pinterest traffic as well.

 And sometimes I get a weird question from people who are new to blogging is traffic from Pinterest considered to be of a high quality to be monetized with ads on my site? Some people have an impression that Pinterest traffic could be categorized as low quality social media traffic. Well, you guys are totally wrong. First of all, Pinterest is not quite a social media platform. It's a mix between social media and the search engine. Also Pinterest is probably one of the best traffic sources if you want to get into premium ad networks like media vine, because you will be getting visitors from the United States.

And for traffic from North America. Advertisers always pay the best you can start seeing results driving Pinterest traffic a lot faster than you will see organic traffic from Google to a new website. But you definitely need to learn how to get this traffic from Pinterest. The key here understands SEO for Pinterest. 

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