Best Smartphone Apps for Tourism

In today's world of travel and other preparations for travel, there are best smartphone apps for tourism, which are very helpful on the go. While there are color apps available for the tourist or traveler, most apps are currently not particularly useful in Pakistan. Well now let's mention these apps, which are also free and especially useful for tours. 
They can find out weather and route information, search for a hotel, its location on the ground and its location, stars, planets, speed, directions and elevation of sea level and so on. And you can also create a full track of your journey and your own online home to see where you are or where you are traveling. These apps reveal more than just that. Best smartphone apps for tourism many benefits to using them while traveling. Let's take a closer look at these apps.

Best Smartphone Apps for Tourism

Best Smartphone Apps for Tourism

سیاحت کے لئے بہترین اسمارٹ فون ایپس

                        The first and foremost thing for tourism is the weather of the tourist destination or area. In my view the best app to find out about weather is AccuWeather. With the Internet available, this app lets you check the weather in important locations. It's usually already present on smart phones. If not then Android smart phones can install from this link. Tune-in to your own iPhone and find yourself at your fixed store.

Google Maps:
                            The other important thing after the season is the map of routes and landmarks. The Google Maps app for Maps is currently shaded around the world. It can be used to determine the route and duration of travel from one place to another. In fact, it also provides guidance as we travel. It also describes the traffic conditions of major cities. An alternative to Google Maps can also be to pinpoint your location directly through Location Sharing.

 There are several benefits. For example, if you want to meet a guy, share his location or your location and then tell Google Maps to take me to this location then the app will guide you. In addition, sitting in your own online home can see where you are at or where you are heading. 

All this will happen only when the Internet is available. But one of the great features of Google Maps is offline maps as well. Whenever I want to visit an area, I download the map from the area in the form of offline maps. In this way, a map of the routes and locations becomes available even if no internet is found. There are many other apps for searching for hotels, etc., but I do the same with Google Maps. In addition, I will save places to visit during the tours in Google Maps. This app is usually pre-installed on smart phones. If not then the Android ones can be installed from this link.

GPS Status & Toolbox:
                                                Need a compass, that is, to know the direction, to see your speed, to determine the rate of change in your velocity, or to arrive at a point and find its latitude or longitude. If you want to know the altitude of altitude above this location, GPS Status and Toolbox is the best app for all. Not only this, you can also save your current location and view saved locations on the map with this app. Saved locations can also be saved on your mobile or computer by exporting. This app can also be copied or shared with your current location. In addition, the more sensors a smartphone has, the more its app functions. For example, if there is a temperature sensor, this app will also tell the temperature. The same will tell the pressure from the air pressure sensor. Android users can install this app from this link.

My Tracks:
                   My Tracks app was previously by Google. But I don't know why Google stopped that app, though it was a great app. Well there's another app by the same name. With this app you can track your route. Wherever you go, this app will record. After returning from the trip you can see on the map where from there. One of the benefits of this app is that the track can be created by going to a location and then returning according to that track. 

That means if you forget the return route, you can find out from the app. Tracks created through this app can also be shared with other users who use the app, and can also see the tracks of those who have shared it. In addition, the track can be exported and saved on mobile or computer. Link to the My Tracks app.

                   I use the SkyView app when it comes to tourism or general conditions, where to find the location of the sun, moon and stars, the International Space Station (ISS) or the Hubble Space Telescope. The biggest benefit of this app is that when you have a smart phone camera towards any star, this app gives the name of the star. If you want to do night photography during serotype, this app will know where the stars are or what the names of the main stars are in the picture. In addition, the moon and the sun, even the galaxy's wings, indicate where they are at this time and how long they will reach the desired photography location. Link to SkyView app.

Google Keep:
                        Whenever you need to make a note, "Google Cap" is better than paper pencil. Notes created through this are uploaded to a Google Account whenever the Internet is available. In the event that the smartphone becomes corrupted, lost or has any problems, all notices may be obtained from the Google Account. As soon as you change the phone, install a Google account on the new phone and install this app, all the notes will be downloaded to the phone. In terms of tourism, I am referring to this app as it is often written during the fun of different kinds of memories. The Google Cap app also facilitates easy to compose notes, recording audio and transforming this audio into writing and image notes. Make a picture from the camera for photo notes, or make a note of the image already on the smart phone, or create something using a pencil. Link to the Google Keep app.

These are the apps I get help with on tour and on the go. Apart from this, Google Trips is also a good app. Keep in mind that different apps work based on different sensors in smartphones. If you want to use such an app then keep the sensors in mind when buying a smart phone.

Note: - Never risk an app with an app. True, technology does benefit, but it does not take long to be damaged or deceived. Take advantage of the MyTracks app, for example, but don't go somewhere remote or in the jungle thinking that you will find a way to return with this app. Do you know if the app crashes before the return or the smartphone gets messed up? So always keep apps as well as any other alternatives.

Do you also have an app that is useful for travel or tourism? It is only through the exchange of information that we learn from each other. Openly discuss and increase my knowledge. Thanks...

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