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One of the most common questions you’ll come across is ‘Is WordPress easy to learn?’ Well, I’d say, it sure is! Nothing is really as hard as you make it. As for WordPress, the only obstacle that’s keeping you or making it seem hard is things you don’t know about WordPress. Here’s how you can learn WordPress easily. Master these few important concepts, and then you are good to go!   Let's get rolling!
If you are just getting started with WordPress, you might seem confused or frustrated with it. In this article, we shall talk about WordPress in detail, highlighting its fundamentals, and then leave it up to you to decide whether it’s easy to learn or not
By using its point-and-click interface to run your website and adding new content, you can eventually become a professional, overtime.

Wordpress –

Wordpress –

WordPress Plugins

WordPress is basically a content management system (CMS). It is based on open source language of PHP and database foundation of MySQL. This platform is popular for blogging but you can play around and do much more with it. It provides more functionality with plugins.
Another simple term for plugins is extensions or enhancements. Plugins can be free or paid tools that can be integrated into your WordPress platform. These functions to protect your website from spam, add a contact form to your website or import the comments and posts from your social media sites. Plugins can also be custom written for your website by a WordPress developer.

WordPress Themes

Theme is yet another aspect of WordPress that you ought to know.  Themes control all of the design elements of your website. So basically, everything from fonts, colors, styling, and page layout is controlled by the theme of your WordPress platform.
If you are all for learning design, then you need to learn about the WordPress themes and how these function!

How to install Plugins and Themes

These themes are just like templates -- you may install a new theme and activate it and the entire visual and feel of your website change instantly. Owing to the popularity of WordPress, you’ll find that a lot many themes have been developed and released for use. Like plugins, most are free while others are paid.
The best ones allow you the flexibility to customize them and make them your own. For example, Hestia is a powerful, flexible theme that'll let you make it your own. Other themes behave more like frameworks or web builders. For instance, StudioPress Genesis is a good example of it.

Easy or not!

WordPress ain’t that hard to learn. In fact, you can learn the fundamentals pretty quickly. This is one of the reasons why WordPress is so popular, not only in Pakistan but globally too.
WordPress has largely eliminated the traditional technical barriers. Anyone with any skill level -- even just the basic computer skills -- can use WordPress to build and run their website smoothly.
Also, because WordPress is a CMS, there is no need to start from scratch. You can start with a fully designed website that's all set for customization's. So, creating your very own website seems like a breeze, now doesn’t it?
What best about it is that as a beginner in web design, you can keep things simple and stick with the basics of WordPress. By using its point-and-click interface to run your website and adding new content, you can eventually become a professional, overtime. 
WordPress also serves as a gateway into the larger world of web design, while preparing you for running online projects. And as you continue to dig into WordPress and web design, you’ll master it, in no time.
If there is an area of WordPress that's hard to learn for beginners, that would be WordPress themes and plugins. These can be difficult to learn as these are unregulated. But, as previously mentioned, once you get a hang of these, learning & excelling at WordPress is a piece of cake!

So, start with something as simple and straight forward as here can be some trial and error process. A few mistakes will help you learn where you’re getting it wrong and then fix these. You only fall nine times to get up on the tenth attempt. See what I mean?


What is WordPress Used for?
WordPress is, by far, the most famous open source Content Management System (CMS), used by approximately 75 million websites. WordPress is free to install, expand, and upgrade. Thousands of plugins and templates power a flexible and simple interface, which reduces development costs and deployment time.
Can you make Money with WordPress?
There are hundreds of different ways to monetize a WordPress site and make money from it. But the simplest for most people starting out are AdSense ads and the Amazon affiliate programs. AdSense, which is run by Google, allows you to place ads on your website and get paid when people click on the ads.

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